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Fostering High-Quality Education for All


During these unprecedented times, Fostering High-Quality Education for All is honored to support students in Central Florida, help close learning gaps, and provide vital services to support elementary, middle, and high school students' well-being during these uncertain times. Post-pandemic, we are committed to supporting remediation and literacy programs to keep our students up from being behind due to the year and a half of academic learning loss from digital learning due to COVID. In addition, we provide brand new books to underserved students and books to schools that serve low-income African Americans and students of color to create classroom libraries. We also provide high-impact and high-dosage tutoring to provide targeted tutoring to our struggling population of students who might be struggling more in one subject area than another.


Our high-school program provides free PERT, SAT, and ACT testing preparation study guides and tutoring, complimentary breakfast and lunch during tutoring sessions, scientific calculators, up to five free college books for their first semester of college, gas cards, paid college application costs, and ACT/SAT waivers. Our high school programming will build critical thinking skills, which will be used in our student's future higher education and post-high-school career endeavors.

Fostering Hope for All


Fostering Hope for All ensures that homeless children and youth have access to food, clothing, shelter, supplemental education, and other wraparound services to meet our vulnerable students' needs. We also partner with school districts to collaborate and advocate for homeless students to provide hope and maintain stability for students and their families who do not have a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Our program's feeding portion is a critical component of our program, which is used to fight against hunger and food insecurity in our community. Implementing high-quality food programs in impoverished areas effectively promotes higher academic performance, lower absenteeism rates, higher mental and physical health outcomes, and improved behavior. Unfortunately, our community suffers from extreme food insecurity despite the thousands of meals we provide yearly. We are currently partnering with two large school districts, health organizations, and local nonprofits to provide our disadvantaged students with meals and healthy snacks for the entire school year and beyond. 

Helping the Helpers

Foster Grants and Giving Inc. makes Community Collaboration with community leaders, nonprofits, schools, local school districts, churches, small businesses, and social agencies a priority for our company. Our slogan is "Helping the Helpers" because we collaborate and do everything humanly possible to provide aid where it is needed the most with dedication and understanding of humanity and care. Collaboration with community leaders, businesses, programs, volunteers, and social agencies is invaluable for our program, which provides all the necessary support and wraparound services for our students. 



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